Learn while Traveling with Me Drawing Retreats Learning how to draw on the go while traveling with me is the best way fully experience the urban sketching life and share these moments together! Drawing Retreats Learn while Traveling with Me Learning how to draw on the go while traveling with me is the best way fully experience the urban sketching life and share these moments together!

Thailand –  23-29 September 2024


Embark on an exciting 7-day journey through the captivating landscapes of Chiang Mai and Pai, Thailand, combining thrilling explorations with serene natural encounters and insightful drawing workshops.

Programme: Kickstart your adventure by exploring Chiang Mai on a Vespa, discovering the city’s vibrant streets and cultural gems. Immerse yourself in ethical wildlife interaction at the Elephant Nature Park, fostering a deep connection with these majestic animals. Venture to Tham Lod Cave for a captivating underground adventure, followed by a tranquil Bamboo Raft journey. Conclude your trip with a relaxing visit to Sai Ngam Hot Springs, surrounded by lush greenery.

Status: Pending

Info and Registration

Frequently Asked Questions

You can join the trip if you are already in Thailand, but unfortunately it is not possible to join only part of the trip. We will travel and draw for 7 days in order to provide the best experience.

Here is the list of materials I use for my drawings. During the workshops the majority of these materials are provided (excluding watercolor, brushes and stool), but I recommend you to bring your own fountain pen and sketchbook in order to keep your practicing consistent.

You can find all the materials in the link here

  • Pen: Fountain Pen with M or F nib (recommended) or Waterproof Fineliners 0.5mm and 0.1mm – black
  • Ink: Carbon Platinum or equivalent waterproof ink – Black
  • Sketchbook:  with 300 g/ms hot pressed white pages and hardback. Size A5 or A4 (recommended) or equivalent loose paper
  • Watercolor set with main Primary and secondary colors ( Standard set of 12 colors will be enough)
  • Large, medium and fine brushes
  • Water container
  • Small sprayer
  • Tissues
  • Paperclips
  • Pencil (B or 2B)
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Portable Stool (recommended)
  • Sketch Pad (recommended)

Absolutely yes and it is encouraged. We will start with the basics of ink drawing and architecture perspective before guiding you step by step into the drawing itself. Also all the participants will get access to a month of online classes on Zoom, so we will get  to know each others and refresh the foundations of drawing.

Every artist has his own distinct way to approach to urban sketching. The beauty of this drawing retreat is also to offer you a fresh way to observe the world through my ink drawing and watercolor style. Drawing together and travel together will also give you new inspirations and shared drawing experience to further enrich your art journey.

The deposit can be fully refunded before the trip get confirmed. Once the trip is confirmed you can choose to pay the full amount (90 days before the trip departure) which cannot be refunded.

Andrea Deng

Architect | Illustrator

Drawing has always been an important part of Andrea’s life since childhood.
As a professional architect he often need to express ideas using hand drawings, and so his drawings became more informative and visually appealing in order to catch the audience’s interest.
In parallel Andrea started to use sketchbooks to keep track of his personal works.
He is also a passionate drawing teacher with the goal to let people discover the world through hand drawings and urban sketching.



Daniele Atzeni
Daniele Atzeni
Andrea è un artista che sa il fatto suo e insegna in maniera chiara e precisa, molto alla mano e con il fatto che i workshop sono a numero ristretto si può avere un rapporto 1:1. Aperitivo post sessione per chiacchierare e spendere un paio d'ore in compagnia. Top!!
Lucrezia Alfieri
Lucrezia Alfieri
Felicissima di aver partecipato a questo workshop, è stato utile, interessante e divertente. Quattro ore a disegnare con la stilografica, prima volta per me, che sono volate. Andrea è stato molto chiaro e preciso, spiegando e svelando trucchi del mestiere. Adatto a tutti. Esperienza da ripetere, altamente consigliato!
Gladys Escobar
Gladys Escobar
Workshop fantastico, spieghi benissimo, ho imparato la tecnica delle linee parallele! È ad approcciarmi con l’ink. Perfetta introduzione alla prospettiva. Altamente raccomandato!
Dario Villani
Dario Villani
Un workshop chiaro e molto istruttivo. Adatto anche ai principianti. Io sono ancora all'inizio nell'approccio al disegno dal vivo e sento veramente di aver fatto un passo avanti gigantesco!

Your opinion matters. Let me know about your personal experience at the workshop 🙂