Online Class – Survey

The idea for my new online course reached 114%. You all are amazing!

To design the best course for you, I wanted to ask exactly what you want to gain from this course, including the specific topics YOU want to learn and things like the price. This is your chance to help to build this class together with me from the very beginning by telling me your opinion on the direction you think the course should take.

Anyone who answers a few quick questions (it will definitely take less than 3 minutes), I will add an additional $5 off to make it a total of $30 for committed supporters like you! Even if you didn’t sign up to the original page, you can take the survey for the discount now to get this deal when the class launches. 

If you have a friend who you think would be interested in learning ink drawing with you in a course like this, please share this opportunity with them! The link to the survey is also in my bio, thanks.